Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Let's get this party started!

Okay, so first things first. I should make a few disclaimers so there is less confusion when you read things from me. So my first blog is really more of a "Ten things you should know about me" sort of thing. Don't like it? Move on. You won't hurt my feelings.

1. If you can't catch from the name of my blogspot where I'm from, you're too stupid to be reading this, so stop now before you hurt yourself.
2. I'm a disoriented (get it? No? See #1) adopted chick from a crazy family full of other adopted chicks (and one dude) and as a result, I am only Asian by genetic structure, not by actual practice or knowledge of it.
3. ^ That totally makes sense to me. Sorry, I have no "translation" button. Despite all evidence to the contrary, technically English is not my first language so I use that excuse whenever I don't make any sense. Deal with it.
4. I'm obssessed with roller derby and it'll take anyone with 1/4 of the computer skills I have to figure out where & for whom I play, or what my derby name is. You probably won't even have to do any searching because I'm fairly certain I'll bring it up myself at some point (or points) over the course of blogging.
5. I hate fakers, liars, cheats and hypocrites. If you are any of those things, you will, at some point, be the target of my blogs. Don't like it? Quit being a loser suckass douchebag. 
6. I actually have a filter, but I use it so much at work that I have to turn it off whenever I'm not working so it won't break at a very inappropriate time.
7. I have 2 kids. They are awesome in every way.
8. I'm married to an equally awesome man.
9. I'm totally, completely, artsy-fartsy/crafty-challenged. Like beyond Special White Helmet challenged. It's both sad and frightening and I do not volunteer for anything crafty for just this reason.
10. I'm a walking, talking, neurotic, contradictory mess but I'm good for a few laughs and a swift kick in the pants.

If you're still reading this, welcome aboard the Seoul Train. It's  a wild and crazy ride!


  1. Go Seoul! Be as contrary as you like....we're with you.

  2. Hey, I'll take that train any day!

  3. Just climbed aboard -- looks like it'll be an interesting ride :)

  4. Regarding #10 aboutyou being a contradictory mess, Walt Whitman said, "Do I contradict myself? Very well, then, I contradict myself. I am large - I contain multitudes."